Tsz Fai, Tse (Leo) is an international student who has recently graduated from New Media Design & Web Development at BCIT, Burnaby. He is 23, and he is from Hong Kong, China. He speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. As a junior web designer/developer, he is good at web design, graphic design, video editing and concept developing. He knows how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, OmniGraffle, Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro. And he also has the basic knowledge of HTML4/5, CSS3, MySQL, SEO, PHP and JavaScript.

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He grew up in a traditional Chinese family; as a result, he believes in Buddha temperately, and that makes him respect a lot of Chinese philosophy. His favorite qoute is: "Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water." - Bruce Lee. Because of what he learned from his religion, he always thinks positively and knows how to deal with stress. He thinks life is a path of learning; therefore, he always keeps his eyes open for his profession, discovering news on the Internet as the technology is changing rapidly.



  • Operation System: Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Software Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, OmniGraffle, Sound Track Pro, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office Series.
  • Programming: HTML4/5(good), CSS3(good), JavaScript(basic), PHP(basic), Wordpress(basic).
  • Languages : English (good), Cantonese (excellent), Mandarin (excellent)

School Projects

Web Design

Motomachi Shokudo - Content Writer

This site is a team project my team and I made for a local ramen restaurant. I'm the content writer.

Visit the site

Application Used: microsoft word

motomachi shokudo

iStalker App - Micro Site Design

This is a micro site design I made for a fictional app. Inspiration came from Momo and Find my Friends.

Applications Used: illustratorphotoshop


My Previous Portfolio - Web Design

This is the previous version of my portfolio. I don't really like it because the overall design was not impressive to me.

Visit the site

Applications Used: illustratorphotoshopdreamweaver

previous portfolio

Graphic Design

Initial Maxss - Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper I created for my friend's birthday. Inspiration came from INITIAL D, a Japanese animation.

Applications Used: photoshop

intial max

The Unlikeness between Canadian and Chinese - Info Graphic

This info graphic design was inspired and based on my life experience. My apologies if it makes you feel offended.

Applications Used: illustratorphotoshop

chinese and canadian

Kawawa Ramen - Poster

Another inspiration from ramen. I love ramen so much!

Applications Used: photoshop

kawawa ramen

Video Projects

Fray of Blood - Movie Trailer

A short movie trailer about zombie apocalypse. It's a team project. I'm the actor for one of the zombies in the video. After the raw shots, each of the team members edited their parts with After Effects; then, I put all the parts together with Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro.

Applications Used: after effectsfinal cut prosound track pro

Nerdy Love - Music Video

A music video my team and I created for a school project. It was shot at UBC. Inspiration came from my nerdy mind. I'm the director, singer and video editor for this video.

Applications Used: final cut prosound track pro


Web Design

The Wheat in the Barley - Web Site Re-Design

This is a team project. My classmate (David Ye) and I re-designed the web site for a local musical group, The Wheat in the Barley. It is a three-week practicum. We learned a lot from this real world experience. We did it as a free lance web design team. Feel free to look at our practicum evaluation here.

Visit the site

Applications Used: illustratorphotoshopdreamweaver

wheat in the barley


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